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Federal courts advise: check attorney’s credentials

Federal courts nationwide are being advised to do more to make sure the people who seek permission to represent clients are in fact licensed lawyers.

Mortgage modification/mediation coming soon

A process is currently underway to implement mortgage modification/mediation in the Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Florida.The program will be based on the same successful principles as those currently in practice in the Middle District of Florida. The anticipated date of implementation of the program is March 1, 2013. If you wish to try to save your home from a mortgage foreclosure and you are having difficulty gaining the cooperation of the mortgage holder, this will be a tool to improve your chances of success.

Recent changes to exemptions against wage garnishments

Wages of the head of a household are exempt from garnishments from creditors. Recent changes to Florida Statutes 222.11 provide for additional protections for wage earners from garnishments. Many creditors used to include in the fine print of their loan documents that the borrower waived their right to the protection of the wage exemption. Effective as to all contracts signed after October 1, 2010, the waiver is not effective unless the borrower signs the waiver on its own separate document in at least 14-point font. If you are having your wages garnished, contact me for protection rights you may not be asserting.

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